Certified Organic Mattresses

Sunshine Mattress Co. offers the highest-quality certified organic mattresses on the market today. We know better health begins with an incredible night's rest.

Innovative design powered by years of experience, combined with the best available Organic Materials ensure that a Sunshine Mattress is the perfect choice for you and your family. With the highest-quality certified organic mattresses in the industry, you are guaranteed to love it.

Made in Canada

Help grow a vibrant economy by
purchasing products made by
Canadians for Canadians.

No Fire Retardants or Toxic V.O.C.s

An organic mattress is a good start
in eliminating toxins in your bedroom.
Safe for you, your family, and the environment.


Our mattress is made with 100% organic
materials that are naturally dust-mite
resistant and antimicrobial.

Zero Motion Transfer

Sleep undisturbed on Organic Latex
paired with soft, Organic Cotton for
an unparalleled sleep experience.

Zippered Cover Design

Adjust the firmness in your mattress
at any time with our zippered
design cover.

Perfect Firmness & Support

Our dual sided mattress adapts to the natural
curves in the body providing pressure point
relief and undisturbed sleep.


Sunshine Mattresses have been expertly designed knowing every individual has their own needs and preferences. Every body is different, and partners don't always have the same requirements.

Years of professional experience has shown us partners are most happy when they are able to customize their side to their body.

This is why every Queen and King Sunshine mattress includes our dual comfort design, allowing each partner to customize to their needs.

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Organic mattresses with only the best materials: GOLS organic certified latex sustainably harvested from organic rubber farms in Sri Lanka; GOTS organic wool, prized for its cooling and moisture wicking properties; and GOTS organic certified cotton hand picked from Peru. All Sunshine products are comprised of these three organic certified materials & handmade in Ontario. 

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