"We just bought two latex pillows from Sunshine Mattress Co, and they’re amazing! Laura was extremely friendly and helpful during my shopping experience. I’d highly recommend this company and their products"

"I just bought two King Pillows from Sunshine Mattress and couldn't be happier with them! My wife got the wool pillow and I got the shredded latex pillow. We both have had a greats night sleep since using them!  Would recomend checking out the website and if you want to try the products out they have an amazing showroom in Toronto."

"I must say my family absolutely lives for these products. My son has used everything from the shredded latex pillow to now in his crib. He sleeps all through the night for 10-12hrs since he was 3 months."

"I purchased 2 sets of sheets from Sunshine and I absolutely love them. They are airy and breathable and the material is very smooth on my skin. I cant wait to purchase their mattress next! Thank you for the great service! Highly recommend."

"Laura at Sunshine Mattress Co is very knowledgeable and returns calls when needed. Great customer service! I have multiple products from them. A few pillows. Two duvets. Mattress cover and sheets. All I need is a new mattress which will come with time. I strongly recommend these products with all the chemicals and synthetic products out there, these are like a ray of sunshine! See what I just did there?

"The sunshine organic latex pillow has changed my sleep, with adjustable support and the beautiful, soft organic cotton case is very luxurious. Love it!!!!"

"I've been sleeping on a latex mattress for over 10 years and don't ever miss traditional spring beds! The customizable design was perfect for my husband and i because our body shapes and weights were drastically different. Neither of us had to compromise and we both sleep like babies! Highly recommend jf you're looking for something that will last you for many years!"

"In 2019 we purchased a king size mattress, foundation, topper and all of the bedding to go with it and we have been thrilled! Laura was able to make recommendations based on our different sleeping positions and they were bang on! The topper provides just enough cushion without sacrificing the support. We flip around our topper regularly which is also recommended for longevity. If you are looking for a quality, long lasting matter, Sunshine is the place to go, one of our best purchases!"

"This is THE BEST bed I have ever owned. Honestly the best sleep of my life. I feel so happy knowing that this purchase (really it’s an investment in your health) is going to last me for years to come! Great service from the sales person to the delivery. Would definitely recommend"

"We love our new sunshine mattress! We are a long time Dormio customers and we knew what to expect from Sunshine when it comes to quality and comfort. We called the store and Laura was very informative and answer all our questions with patience and honesty. This made our decision a no brainer. When we decided to order over the phone, it was quick and easy process-- our products arrived within the promised timelines, well packed and the quality is excellent. We highly recommend Sunshine mattresses, for those who care about sleep and comfort."

"We purchased a beautiful mattress and mattress protector that our son loves, and that makes me, as a parent, feel good about the healthy product he is sleeping on every night. The customer service was incredible. I would highly recommend this company and their products."

"I never knew how important it was to invest in quality pillows until purchasing my wool and latex pillows from Sunshine Mattress Co. As a stomach sleeper I was looking for a firm pillow that would provide me both comfort and support. I love that I am able to adjust the firmness by removing or adding wool to my pillows. Laura was so knowledgable and really listened to what I was looking to achieve to gain a good nights sleep. The customer service was top notch and the fact that their products are made in Canada is a huge plus for me- I highly recommend!"

"I did a virtual shop at Sunshine with Laura and it was everything that it could be shy of being in the room with her. Laura was knowledgeable and helpful, and her recommendations were perfect. I am in love with my new pillow and mattress. Highly recommend Sunshine Mattress!"

"Yesterday I visited Sunshine Mattress showroom and my experience was comfortable and enlightening. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura and I was extremely impressed by her knowledge of the products.  She took her time to go through all the details of my customized options and she provided me with other solutions that might meet my needs. I've always thought about switching to an Organic Mattresses and now after my visit, I can't wait to purchase and I'm looking forward to visiting Sunshine Mattress again!"

"Laura patiently answers all of my questions and provides her feedback and expert opinions in a timely manner. I have never once felt pressure to buy, but each time I hear from her,I feel like a highly valued customer. I know this seems like a crazy long review... But if you're like me, you do a lot of research and value detailed reviews when purchasing more expensive items, or things that deal with the health and safety of your children. If you want a superior product, and want to experience some of the friendliest, most helpful, and best customer service you've ever had--then check out Sunshine Mattress Co."

"We bought a double mattress for my 3 year old with the hopes that it will be the last mattress we ever have to buy her. While expensive, it is very comfortable - easily the nicest mattress in our home. It's supportive, but soft and doesn't get hot the way that my mattress with a memory foam topper does. Eventually, we'll get everyone in the house one of these."

"I absolutely LOVE my pillows from Sunshine mattress. Laura was so helpful and informative helping my husband and I in picking the perfect pillows for us. I went with the wool set and the comfort is unreal. I love that you can add more wool overtime. My husband says his sleep has never been better after purchasing the latex pillow. Thank you Laura! We can’t wait for our next purchase... a mattress!"

"What a wonderful experience. The showroom is beautiful. It is relaxing and serene and our shopping experience was extremely positive. We are extremely satisfied with our purchase. The quality is excellent and just what we were looking for."

"I personally have the wool topper myself and i cannot live without my shredded latex pillows and duvet!! So much so, i have a travel one :) ... highly recommend using sunshine products for everyone in the house especially children so they start sleeping clean!"

"Laura was amazing to deal with!! Truly! We had purchased our King Mattress and were having a really hard time trying to find a frame that would fit (we did not want a box spring). When we thought we found a "good" base / frame, Laura phoned the manufacturer directly to discuss the specs. It turns out the base / frame was not going to work, but only after Laura's investigation. Laura ended up looking for a base / frame that would work with our mattress. Both my husband and I are "picky" mattress people :o) We love our mattress!! Laura went above and beyond. The product and the customer service were top notch. Thank you!!! Highly recommend!!"

"I am absolutely loving my new Sunshine mattress! I'm 7 months pregnant and I love that I can adjust the firmness of my bed! I have it to be more firm now that I'm heavier and need the extra support, and will add a soft topper layer after my pregnancy. Love this suggestion by Laura and how easy it is to adjust! Also, the latex pillows are a MUST HAVE! Thank you Sunshine Mattress Co for helping me sleep better through my pregnancy"

"Amazing experience from start to finish. Laura was amazing, incredibly welcoming and knowledgable. It didn't feel like I was there to purchase a mattress, but more like I was making an investment in my health and my sleep. The experience is completely transparent, you know what you are getting and what it's made of. No sneaky business. I felt like my sleep needs were being considered and it wasn't about the sale. The delivery time was exactly what Laura had promised and our delivery man , Franco was great. So quick, efficient and accommodating but, also very knowledgeable. He offered some great tips! I don't really know what else to say other thank you thank you to Sunshine Mattress Co & it's lovely people for giving us the best sleep of our lives. Don't buy a mattress anywhere else!"

"I absolutely love the products at Sunshine Mattress. The staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly as well, which is a bonus. I have been referring my family and friends to Sunshine Mattress as the quality of my sleep has improved since using their products. If you are looking for quality products for you and your family, look no further. You will not be disappointed!"

"I was drawn to Sunshine because of their made-in-Ontario non-toxic mattresses. We did a virtual showroom tour with Laura, and were so impressed at the time she took to get to know our needs. She walked us through the options, and was able to show us the differences between products quite successfully even though we couldn't test them out ourselves. We purchased a custom mattress set-up based on her recommendations, and are so happy with it! Delivery and set-up was on time and smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sunshine Mattress Co. to friends."
"Seriously might be the best investment I've ever made! I also feel really good about purchasing my mattress from Sunshine Mattress Co. Not only did I purchase it locally and conveniently, but I also feel good knowing I am supporting small businesses, especially during this crazy time! Laura is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with. Most importantly, it's almost all Canadian made, it's toxic free, no metals/coils, adaptable to support changes to your body over the years and it's so so SO comfortable. I have half med/half soft and I enjoy rolling around on both :) I highly recommend Sunshine Mattress Co. to anyone and everyone!"

"Sunshine Mattress Co has changed my family's sleep routine! We all love jumping into bed now, thanks to the amazing products we recently purchased! The wool duvet is an absolute game changer; keeps us so comfortable all night! The expertise we received from Laura made it extremely easy to chose the right pillow for each of us. The customizable pillows are a dream, and have made an incredible difference for me and my daughter (toddler)! Definitely a 5 star experience!"

"I purchased a Wool topper for my existing firm mattress and wow what a difference! This was just a temporary solution recommended by Laura until we are ready to replace it but i can already tell this place knows what they're talking about! Can't wait to return to the store for more organic stuff! We are So Happy we found a mattress store that really cares."

"I absolutely love my pillow from Sunshine Mattress Co. I was looking for something that would be non toxic and give me the same comfort and restful night sleep and it’s been such a dream since having it! Not only that, the customer experience in shopping with them was 10/10! Extremely kind, knowledgeable (*very knowledgeable) and so helpful when making a decision that best suited my sleeping needs. Highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking to up their sleep game with quality sleep products!!"

"I purchased 3 wool duvets for my kids, and they are the best we have ever bought. My children would sweat at night with their other duvets until we came across these. They are very light and breathable and still keep them warm. I highly recommend them"

"My husband and I recently purchased a Sunshine mattress along with shredded latex pillows and a duvet and we couldn’t be happier! Our sleep has been phenomenal and being 6 months pregnant, a goods night rest is definitely needed. I love how you’re able to customize your mattress while having a different side than your partner. We will be purchasing a crib mattress from Laura soon and I just know our bundle of joy will have the best sleep! If you’re looking to improve you’re sleep and health with an enjoyable experience, Sunshine is the place to go!"

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