Spinal Alignment

Lack of mattress support can force the spine into an unnatural position which causes back pain and stiffness. Sleeping on a mattress with incorrect support for extended periods can cause the spinal joints to dislocate slightly, causing chronic back pain.

Tension in neck muscles is caused by a poor sleeping posture or a bad pillow. This stress can lead to headaches and pain in the neck. This can be avoided through our adjustable pillows, giving you complete control over the height and softness of your pillow.

Back and neck pain is typically caused by reduced blood flow. Sunshine Mattresses are designed to alleviate pressure points stemming from unnecessary stress from a hard surface.

Sunshine Mattresses anatomically conform to the body contours, distributing the body weight across the surface, eliminating pressure points, promoting regular circulation of the blood, alleviating back, neck and shoulder pain, and reducing leg and ankle swelling.

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