Non-Toxic Mattress

Naturally Better!

Sunshine Mattresses are non-allergenic, antibacterial, fungus-free, free of germs and resistant to dust mites. Sunshine is a non-toxic mattress, made with 100% Organic Latex - the most durable, elastic material used in today's mattresses.   It is ideal because it is flexible yet durable, absorbent, resilient and provides excellent control overheat and moisture as well as circulation of air.

Sunshine Mattress Covers are quilted with Organic Wool, which has a natural resistance to mildews and moulds due to the way it repels moisture and allows it to pass through its fibres without retaining the moisure. 

Wool paired with Latex makes the Sunshine Mattress the best choice for those suffering from asthma and allergies. Choose any of our non-toxic mattresses today and experience it for yourself.

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