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Why Organic Wool

Posted on 13 August 2020
Why Organic Wool

You're in a school play, but you're backstage. There are black curtains all around you that you are forbidden to touch. They're special theatre curtains coated with flame retardants so that they don't catch fire under the hot stage lights. These flame retardants are poisonous and will cling to your skin.

You've got the same stuff in your mattress, eh?

Safety laws mandate that mattresses pass a cigarette test. If some fool lights a cigarette in bed and passes out, that cigarette must be able to burn down to the butt and extinguish itself without starting a house fire. Every year mattress companies across Canada drag samples out to the parking lot and throw lit cigarettes on them. Most of them pass because they add copious amounts of toxic flame retardants, because THAT'S still legal!

A Sunshine organic bed uses organic wool instead. Organic sheep's wool is self-extinguishing. Naturally, this costs more than poison, so you don't see anybody else using it.

It's important that the wool is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Sheep produce and collect a waxy substance called lanolin in their wool. It protects the sheep from bug bites, we think. When wool is harvested for clothes and things, it's typically processed in a way that washes off the lanolin. That lanolin is precious as a natural flame retardant, and the way it naturally distributes across organic wool guarantees that our mattresses will pass safety tests chemical free.

As a bonus, sheep's wool is a great thermal regulator. Wool sweaters take warmth from your armpits and spread it everywhere across your arms and torso. A wool topped mattress takes heat from your overheating body and dilutes it across the whole surface of the bed. As a result, on a Sunshine organic bed, you'll warm up faster in the winter and sleep cool in the summer.

Wool is also the perfect moisture wicker. It can absorb 30% of its weight in water and still feel bone dry. If you or your partner sweats at night, a wool topped mattress is absolutely the solution you want.

What do we say to toxic flame retardants? BAA!


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