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Why Organic Mattresses and Bedding last longer...

Posted on 2 August 2021
Why Organic Mattresses and Bedding last longer...

Although disposable products have become the new norm, most people still prefer quality or quantity. Most of our customers have already adopted the environmental approach when it comes to shopping, but there are still many people who aren't familiar with the advantages. Part of what we stand for as a company is to provide high quality products that not only last longer but have a positive impact on the environment.

Okay, lets break it down...

Organic Mattresses last longer than Memory Foam
Organic latex has always been superior to Memory foam in terms of resilience. There are no fillers or chemicals added that would likely contribute to the breakdown of a conventional mattress. Latex from the rubber tree can also be used to manufacture synthetic latex, therefor it's important to check for the GOLS certification. Synthetic latex, likely memory foam, will not provided the same longevity.
The response time of a Memory foam mattress is significantly slower, resulting in a lifespan of anywhere from 5-7 years. Latex mattresses have an instant response time, with virtually no wait time when pressure is released. This bounce-like experience is expected to last, at the very least, 10 years, with many lasting even longer.
In addition, Latex is manufactured in different densities which are stacked based on individual preferences and requirements. Organic mattresses are not designed to be disposable like a conventional mattress is, the modular design allows you to open up your mattress and change the feel by rearranging of the internal layers. As your body goes through change, so can your mattress - it's that simple!

Organic materials are more breathable
Organic latex and organic wool are both materials that naturally resist bacteria growth. The open-cell structure of latex will ensure that heat and moisture pass through rather than collect, resulting in a cleaner, cooler environment. Mould and mildew will not grow when there is not moisture, and neither will dust mites!
Wool is similar in its construction, never maintaining heat or moisture but instead, wicking it away. By combining these two materials, you will experience less allergic symptoms, especially those who are sensitive to dust mites and mould spores.

Organic wool can be refreshed using direct sunlight
If you own Organic wool bedding, then you're already familiar with the laundering rules. Anytime wool is washable, it has been treated with a resin-like solution that coat the fibers. Although this option is still better than a synthetic material, it's not going to perform as well as wool that has not undergone the chemical wash.
For ultimate temperature control and wicking, organic wool is the best option. When placed into direct sunlight, the wool fibers will deodorize and desensitize, this can be done seasonally to upkeep a fresh bedroom.

Many manufacturers fill their mattresses with a variety of poor quality and unnecessary layers to make their mattresses appear thicker or plusher. Not only are these layers unhealthy, but they do not hold up well and will affect the lifespan of the mattress. Our mission at Sunshine Mattress is to provide quality products, made with quality materials that you can feel good about. Our zippered mattress covers allow you to unzip and rearrange the different layers in your mattress, giving you control over the firmness at any given time. All Sunshine pillows also feature a zippered design, because after all, everyone has different preferences and needs.

Shopping smart is what we are all about!

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