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How to Get That Perfect Hotel Mattress

Posted on 1 September 2020
How to Get That Perfect Hotel Mattress

A customer spoke to me a little while back. She told me she had woken up without pain for the first time in years.  But she didn't have one of our mattresses yet! She had gone on vacation and slept on the perfect hotel mattress. She wanted that mattress for her home. Naturally, I was ready to help!

You know that if you stay at a name brand hotel you can expect a pretty excellent bed. Why? How? What's their secret? What model mattress do they use? Do you want the answer?

Hotels have to replace each mattress after about 1000 nights of use.

That's it! That's all!

OK, also your sheets were freshly washed. Unless you're replacing your linens every single day, hotel bedding will feel newer and cleaner. And when you're on vacation you're usually more active and excited and get better use of your day, which will make all beds feel better.  But the real secret is that no (name brand) hotel bed is older than about 3 years.

Hotels will buy the very cheapest mattresses they can get away with under their brand's standards. They have to buy cheap mattresses, because they're replacing so many beds so often. Once a room has been used 1000 times, they haul the mattress away and replace it with the least expensive one they can find.

These are usually coil spring mattresses with thin sewn in pillow tops. The very same kind you're waking up on in pain. After less than 3 years, your top of the line coil spring mattress will sag. The pillow top will drift to one side. A corner might curl up. Your ten year investment is already shot.

That customer didn't want to replace her mattress every 3 years. She wanted one solid purchase that would last her a very long time. A quality mattress that was customized to her needs, yet internally flexible to cater to future needs. Sunshine Mattress was the perfect fit, and she woke up pain free from that moment on! Will you?




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