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How Is Latex Organic?

Posted on 20 August 2020
How Is Latex Organic?

Latex literally grows on trees. It's true! I know, right?

Latex is a botanical term. It means any milky substance you find in a plant. About 10% of plants that have flowers will also have latex.

Different species of latex have different uses. Dandelion latex, for example, is completely worthless. That's why it's a weed. But chicle tree latex is used in chewing gum. Opium poppy latex is used in medicine. Rubber tree latex has been used for more than a hundred years as the main ingredient in everything that bounces or stretches.

You have to add a few plastics and petrochemicals to get those latex gloves or cat suits you might be associating with the word. We don't add those. We just take massive amounts of the purest, highest quality rubber tree latex in the world, whip it into froth, and bake it into the finest mattress foam ever invented.

Organic is a tightly regulated consumer protection term that guarantees a product or substance has no added chemicals and was grown in clean conditions. The Global Organic Latex Standard also has rules about human rights and the working conditions of everyone involved. Ask to see a certificate from anyone claiming their rubber tree latex is organic. Like the one Sunshine proudly displays.

Rubber tree latex foam is a wonder material. It's open cell, so it's cool and breathable. It has one ingredient instead of the hundreds in memory foam, so it doesn't "break in" over time. Living latex protects plants from moulds and mites and things. Baked latex foam maintains those properties so you don't have to suffer from any pesticides or fungicides in your mattress.

Each rubber tree can safely give 15ml of latex per day. It takes thousands of these contributions to produce a mattress. You know how when you eat thousands of oranges, some of them are sweeter than others? Latex is like that too. Some 15ml trickles are thicker or stickier, and some are thinner and more watery. Thicker trickles yield firm foam. Thinner latex gives soft foam.

And it's all 100% natural.


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