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8 Reasons Why Sunshine Mattress is the Best Mattress

Posted on 15 September 2020
8 Reasons Why Sunshine Mattress is the Best Mattress

Latex mattresses are one of the most popular types available, they are a healthier, more comfortable and of course the better alternative to synthetic memory foam.

Here are some reasons why you'll love them.

  1. Unparalelled Comfort
    Comfort is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying a mattress. After all, you want a good sleep, and latex mattresses deliver the ultimate comfort by conforming to your body so you get a soft sinking feeling accompanied by buoyant support.
  2. They're Durable
    Natural latex is a highly durable material that tends to last longer than other mattress materials like synthetic foam. The natural resilience of organic latex mattresses allows them to instantly return to their original shape after compression. Latex mattress will last for 15-40 years , significantly longer than the average of the other beds of 5-10 years. This ensures that less mattresses and fabrics are used and discarded.
  3. They're Ecofriendly 
    Natural latex comes from hevea brasiliensis trees which are tapped as they continue to grow, live and clean the air. Sustainable latex farms use a cyclical system to ensure that new trees are always planted to replace trees at the end of their lifetime. It is biodegradable and recyclable. At the end of its time as a mattress, the latex content can be recycled and ultimately degraded if it is put in a landfill.
  4. Naturally Hypoallergenic
    Unlike conventional synthetic mattresses, which trap dust and moisture and promote the growth of dust mites, moulds and other allergens, latex mattresses are naturally antibacterial, dust resistant and antifungal. Chemical odour is a common issue with synthetic mattresses, whereas organic latex mattresses are chemical-free, which is why they do not off-gas. The hypoallergenic properties make them a great option for people with allergies.
  5. Perfect Support
    Latex is highly responsive to body weight, which helps to reduce relieving pain pressure points. This promotes correct alignment of the spine, as the heavy parts of the body fall into latex like hips and shoulders. The lighter parts, such as the head and the neck, maintain the natural curvature of the body. This reduces pressure on your back and neck and increases circulation in your blood.
  6. They Don't Transmit Movement
    Latex mattresses have a natural resilience that ensures the movement on one side of the mattress is not transferred to the other. Combined with our internal layering design which gives each sleeper control of the firmness, you'll forget that your partner is sleeping next to you!
  7. They're Breathable
    Latex has a natural, open-cell structure that encourages air flow. During the production, natural latex mattresses are punctured by pinholes placed at regular ventilation intervals. This breathable design helps to create a temperature-neutral atmosphere that keeps you cool and relaxed at night. In short, buying a latex mattress means that your sleep is not disturbed by built-in heat as its breathability dissipates warmth and moisture.
  8. Cusomizable
    You can select your level of comfort based on your weight and sleeping position. Both Adult Sunshine Mattresses are available at varying levels of firmness from Soft to Firm to help you get the right level of support. For example, a firm mattress is best suited for stomach / back sleepers, whereas a soft mattress is a better option for people who sleep on their sides.


What are you waiting for! Come check it out for yourself!


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